Patient Records Make Way to Recycling Bin

13 May 2011

The Ledger

May 6, 2011- Records containing up to 60 social security numbers were found in a recycling bin in Winter Haven , Florida. The material came from the office of Jeffrey Barnes, a Winter Haven periodontist. While the office does outsource their shredding, an employee inadvertently set magazines on top of the shredding box, causing employees to place the documents in the recycling bin. Dr. Barnes has since upgraded his service, and will be using a locked console in the future.

The shredding service Dr. Barnes’ office uses is ran by Jay Burns, a long-time NAID member and participant on several of the association’s committees. Jay worked with Dr. Barnes to implement a stricter set of controls in the office to prevent a similar incident from occurring again. Jay notes that, “Anytime you have a system, there’s less chance for error.”

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